Bicycle Accidents

While each bicycle accident and the resulting injuries are different, those accidents are often not your fault. Cyclists know that the road is dangerous, and that motorists often fail to pay attention to bicycles. They are usually much more careful than the drivers around them.


However, even when people are paying attention, sometimes motorists fail to follow the rules and cause terrible accidents with cyclists. That is one reason why drivers are required to carry insurance coverage.


If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you need an experienced Utah trial attorney who can make sure you are fully compensated by the insurance company.


The insurance company will try and contact you before you get to a lawyer. They do this because they know that victims who are represented by an experienced attorney recover 2 or 3 times what they get handling the case on their own.


We’ve all seen those commercials where they promise to be fair, it’s hard to believe that insurance companies use tricks and deceptive practices to avoid having to pay out full compensation, even when the consequences of your injuries are so horrible. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how they make their money. 


In order to make sure you get full compensation for your injuries, make sure you have an experienced attorney at your side.


Here at the Utah Trial Lawyers, we have years of experience dealing with insurance companies in bicycle accident cases. We know the arguments they will make, the tricks they will try, and the games they will play to try and avoid paying you what is fair.


Our clients are often surprised when the insurance company representative argues exactly what we predicted. Our experience teaches us how they operate, and it gives us the ability to negotiate on your behalf to make sure you receive a full and fair settlement.  


Of course, if the insurance company isn’t willing to do what is right and fair, we will take the case to court and let the jury decide what is right. We named our firm the Utah Trial Lawyers for a reason. We are willing to go to trial if necessary.


Insurance companies and their lawyers know we are more than willing to force them to make their ridiculous and unbelievable arguments to a jury filled with other members of the community. Our reputation for taking cases to all the way to trial makes insurance companies think twice before they try to take advantage of our clients – They know that we take every case seriously, and that we won’t take a case unless we are willing to take it to court.  


If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of someone else, don’t hesitate to call us today, for a free initial consultation. If we take your case, we work on a contingent fee system, so our work won’t cost you anything out of pocket.


Make sure your rights are protected by lawyers who know what they are doing, and have your best interests at heart.

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