Breach of Contract

Breach of contract occurs when one party believes that another did not pay or perform as required under contract. Most business relationships are created with contractual agreements which have legal obligations. These relationships can be between employees, fiduciaries, business partners, vendors, or customers. If a breach of contract occurs, a claim must be made against the party that breached it. Several but subtle significant legal issues can affect the result of a breach of contract claim.


At Utah Trial Lawyers, we can defend or pursue breach of contract claims. We have experience litigating and advising on all business-related contract disputes. If your business has been accused of breaching a contract, or if the other party of a business relationship you are involved with has failed to perform, don’t hesitate to contact us and have a free consultation.

Joint Venture Disputes

Joint Venture disputes can be time-consuming, disrupting, challenging, and can be damaging to value. At Utah Trial Lawyers, we have the outcome in mind while we create a strategic plan and advise our clients about dealing with the other side, what route to take, exit strategies, and resolution.

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