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Gabriel began practicing law in 2007, working at a small boutique Salt Lake City litigation firm. He soon moved his practice to a Christensen & Jensen, one of the most sophisticated law firms in Salt Lake City. While at C & J, Gabriel was able to work under some of the most talented attorneys in Utah. This experience taught him the skills and strategies needed to handle the complex personal injury and commercial litigation matters that have become his specialty. Gabriel learned to fight hard for his clients, no matter the odds or obstacles standing in his way.


As an experienced trial lawyer, Gabriel offers clients the benefit of a detailed understanding of what to expect from the litigation process. It is unusual for lawyers practicing civil litigation at mid-size or large law firms to have much trial experience. Most large firms to require that any trial work (or at least all important strategic decisions) be handled by more senior (and extremely expensive) attorneys at the firm. Very few junior to mid-level partners at major law firms have the experience and skill needed to know how to take your case to trial and make a persuasive case to the jury. Many have never even had the chance to act as lead counsel on a significant case.


In contrast, Gabriel spent the last ten years trying cases in front of juries and judges in Utah state courts located all over the state of Utah, including several federal court cases in the US District Court in Salt Lake City. He tried cases alone, as well as working as the lead attorney while was still a very young lawyer. This experience helped him progress and learn litigation and trial practice much faster than many lawyers at other firms.


His current practice focuses on representing injured people in personal injury cases and parties involved in commercial litigation. In every case, Gabriel strives to distinguish himself from lawyers at firms you see in television commercials, on billboards, or written on the side of buildings. All of his clients have his personal cell phone number, and can reach him any time, day or night. He is selective about his cases, only taking those cases that he would be willing to present to a jury.


This ensures three things. First, this ensures that his caseload is always small enough that your case will get the personal attention it deserves. Second, both insurance companies and opposing counsel who have dealt with Gabriel and the rest of the firm know that we can put more time and energy into winning your case than the other lawyers they deal with, and they can’t just expect us to settle by burying us in paperwork. Finally, they know to take any demand coming from our office seriously, or they may wind up having to explain themselves to the judge or a jury.




Gabriel graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics in 2004. He then went to the University of Utah Law School, where he received his J.D. degree in 2007. While at the University of Utah, Gabriel served as a Senior Staff Editor at a journal and was a regional finalist in the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Prior to law school, Gabriel received his BA in Political Science and Economics at Utah State University.


Case History

  • Obtained jury verdict for Plaitniff in US District Court for the District of Utah, Case No. 1:12-cv-0015 that included full compensation.
  • Obtained favorable settlement in case regarding the wrongful death of 9-year-old boy involving negligent maintenance of a smoke alarm.
  • Obtained favorable settlements in multiple cases involving medical malpractice committed by Utah medical professionals.
  • Obtained favorable settlement in aircraft accident cases, including hot air balloon and helicopter crashes.
  • Obtained favorable settlements for the Plaintiff in numerous cases involving automobile accidents,
  • Obtained favorable settlements for clients injured by unsafe conditions created by careless property owners.